Medieval Guérande

Success dating back to the Middle Ages

An ancient hill-top town, Guérande is a Town of Art and History. Protected by its 1,434 metre tall ramparts, Guérande has been considered as the “central city” of the Peninsula since the Middle Ages. A historic landmark in the Duchy of Brittany, Guérande captures the hearts of visitors who disappear in the maze of its narrow cobbled streets and its lively city-centre. Guérande surrounds us in a medieval atmosphere and brings us face-to-face with its heritage and history.

A world-famous tourist town

Situated in the heart of the salt flats, Guérande welcomes around 1.5 million visitors per year. The salt which bears its name contributes to the town’s international renown.

But without question, Guérande’s main event is the Medieval Festival, which attracts over 45,000 enthusiastic visitors and curious onlookers, every May.

Just 15 minutes from the Camping du Bugeau *** the medieval town of Guérande is there to be explored!