Saint-Brevin, the town of pine trees

Saint-Brevin shaped by history

Bearing the name of a 6th century archbishop, Saint-Brevin was originally a little village of fishermen and farmers which, because of its strategic location at the mouth of the Loire, was fortified by Vauban.

Like the majority of coastal towns during this period, Saint-Brevin faced the problem of sand coming into the town. In the 19th century, the commune planted a pine forest to stabilise the dunes, a pine forest which has come to characterise it and has helped transform the town into a true seaside resort.

A sporting town

If you’re a sports fan and you adore nature, then the Foulées des Dunes are for you! Every year on 15th August, the town organises 2 cross-country races next to the sea at Saint-Brevin - a 4 km race for children and a 9 km race for adults - and the Foulées des Dunes attracts over 700 participants each year. This original sports competition is the last race in the Atlantic Jade Coast Challenge.

You will have the unique opportunity of crossing the Loire to get to Saint-Brévin, starting from the Camping du Bugeau ***!